Tuesday, October 18, 2016

October Days: Tuesday's Reflection

The Midas Touch at Our House
On one of these golden October days, a day when Midas was busy 
scattering gold coins, a friend and I drove along the Wisconsin side of the Mississippi River. We had lunch at one of my favorite spots, the Harbourview Cafe in Pepin, and poked in shops in Stockholm and Maiden Rock. We marveled at the bubbles of bright light dancing on the water and the colors of the trees that seemed to be in competition with each other for best and brightest. 

Our conversation was wide and deep. An afternoon to remember and treasure when we are even older than we are now. "Remember the day we drove along the river. Oh how good it was to be together."

On the way home my friend said a day like this makes her wonder what has happened in the world while we have intentionally set aside our phones and kept the radio turned off. 

I said a day likes this makes me grateful for the ability to disconnect and that I had not thought at all about what drama might be taking place as we turned curves and took in the glories of the water and the land. 

Neither viewpoint is better or more valid than another. We need both the time-out, as well as attention to what concerns us about the world. 

Lately, I have felt almost addicted to the news. I have read the newspaper headlines on my phone even before I get out of bed. I spend more time on Facebook reading one article after another. I make sure the next debate date is on my calendar, and I listen to National Public Radio while I fix dinner. And, of course, there is anguished conversation with family and friends about the latest revelation. 

A brief retreat, self-proclaimed seclusion and sanctuary, is needed to clear the space before entering the fray once again. Our day away provided that for me, and I suspect it won't be long before I seek the quiet beauty of nature once again.

An Invitation
How are you handling these campaign days? I would love to know. 

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