Thursday, October 6, 2016

Light A Candle:Thursday's Reflection

The task in front of me was to make a batch of applesauce. What could be better than the smell of apples fresh from the orchard and cinnamon, simmering on the stove? 

This particular morning, however, I felt some minor agitation. Instead of focusing on the pleasures of the moment, I thought about the next task and the one after that and on and on. Even into the next day. 

Earlier that day I read a prayer by Joyce Rupp in which she says, "Filled with the content of my life." 

That's how I felt, "Filled with the content of my life." As in "overfilled." The kind of full that makes one wonder if it is possible to complete what is required and planned in the allotted time. I thought for a moment about grabbing a book and putting my feet up in the snuggery for a half hour or so, which at another time would help me regain needed perspective. I rejected that idea, however, for, frankly, I needed that half hour. 

Instead, I decided to create a feeling of ease. 

I lit a candle and placed it on the kitchen counter where I was peeling and chopping apples. 

The slight flame of the candle helped me focus on the one task right in front of me. 

The flicker of the flame welcomed me to the deliciousness of my full and fortunate life. Oh, how grateful I am for the content of my life. 

The presence of the candle restored me to the possibility of a more peaceful and spacious pace. 

What I so often forget is that it doesn't take much to find space in the midst of muddle. Sometimes all it takes is lighting a candle. 

An Invitation
What helps you clear the space? I would love to know.  


  1. Tis better than cursing the darkness! I am currently feeling "overfilled" as well. I will try a candle today.

  2. Hope the candle helped. Remember to breathe, too!

  3. It's funny, I have been thinking of using an object or a symbol, or a printed phrase to remind and inspire me to think more positively during my day. A candle would be an excellent way to calm myself and remind myself to do this. Thanks!

  4. You are welcome. Let me know if lighting a candle helps.


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