Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Letting Go, Part 2: Tuesday's Reflection

Intending to Let Go
In response to my Thursday, October 19 post, a dear friend emailed to say she has been letting go of a "lifelong pattern of holding too tightly," and she now considers this to be her "lightness of being" stage of life. I love that phrase, and I honor my friend for recognizing what needed to change in her life, in order to live more fully and authentically. 

My friend had a number of trigger events in her life that made her aware of the need to shift, but awareness does not always make it so. 

Along with learning to "quiet your mind," which I suggested in the previous post, often a necessary step to cultivating lightness of being is to practice forgiveness of yourself, others, and even God. Forgiveness, too, is a process, but what I have felt in myself is how powerful even the intention to forgive can be. The intention becomes the beginning, the first step. 

Forgiveness brings clarity. It's easier to see what you need and how to go about achieving that, especially if you let go of blaming others for your problems. 

Along with practicing forgiveness, consider asking for help. From a therapist, a spiritual director, a trusted friend. You need not be alone in this process. Each issue has its own story and its own wisdom to reveal. We have the choice every moment of our lives to learn from our experiences and to use those learnings to create peace and love in the world. 

Finally, give back to others. Giving back is not just a way to distract us from our own challenges, but is a way to live as our very best selves. 

An Exercise for Letting Go
Sit on the edge of your bed, spreading your arms wide open,  closing your eyes, and imagining you are surrendering to whatever the Divine has in store for you. Assume God is there to catch you, just as sure as the bed supports you. 

Now actually lean back slowly until you are resting on the bed. As you lean back, let your fear and helplessness go. Trust that you will be held. 

Then lie on your back with your arms wide open, feeling the bed supporting you. 

Whenever you feel anxious during the day, take a few minutes to imagine yourself leaning on the bed. 
Adapted from The Seeker's Guide, Making Your Life A Spiritual Adventure by Elizabeth Lesser

An Invitation
Do you really want to let go or do you just say you want to? I would love to know. 


  1. Thank you for these wise words. As I age, I have been letting go more and more. There is so much freedom and peace in it!

  2. I agree and am so glad that has been your experience.


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