Thursday, October 27, 2016

Moving from One Season to the Next: Thursday's Reflection

 Have you noticed the squirrels hustling in your yard? They scurry across our window boxes burying nuts and then digging them up, just to make sure they are there, I guess. The squirrels are not the only ones preparing for winter. Bruce has spent hours outside putting the gardens to bed, protecting them as much as possible from the deep cold we get here in Minnesota. He has gathered leaves to use as mulch and wrapped the lavender beds with burlap and cut back other areas. The gardens appear to be ready for whatever comes.

My winter preparations have not been quite as obvious, but I did put away summer pillows in the living room, replacing them with leopard print ones and adding a cozy fake fur throw. 

And in our bedroom I took down the sheer white curtains and instead, hung heavy grey velvet panels. Also, I folded a snuggly quilt at the bottom of the bed. I have stored summer clothes and got out sweaters and turtlenecks and corduroy pants, and I checked my winter coats to see if I missed taking any to the dry cleaners last spring. 

Plus, I shuffled through recipe files moving soup and stew recipes to the top of the pile.

Next week the Jeep will have its winter check up, and soon Bruce will disconnect the battery in his little Miata to rest in the garage till spring. 

An Aside: When we lived at Sweetwater Farm a big part of the fall to winter transition was moving the animals into the barn. No small or easy task. Our own personal rodeo! Oh, the stories I could tell you. 

Moving from one season to another reminds me to be mindful of living fully in the present--relishing the beauties of these fall days--even as I look to the needs of the future. Balance. Once again I am called to seek balance. Maybe one of these days I will figure it out. 

An Invitation 
What fall into winter tasks do you have? What strategies do you have for creating balance in your life? I would love to know. 

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