Thursday, April 13, 2017

Wisdom in the Room: Thursday's Reflection

For the last couple days my garret has been in a state of controlled 
chaos. Instead of jumping immediately into my next writing tasks after the pitch conference, I decided it was time to clean my working space. To the casual observer, the garret appeared neat and orderly, but I could feel the dust bunnies under the bookshelves planning an invasion. "Today when she least expects it, let's converge and ooze out onto the open floor space. Let's force a confrontation."

Grabbing my Swiffer, I took the offensive position. I emptied each shelf and dusted over, under, around before returning each stack of books in the correct alphabetical or subject order. The dust bunny brigade was defeated, and I declared the battle won. 

 Of course, temptation hovered throughout this process. How easy it would have been to be seduced by all the spiritual wisdom in the room. 

Books I want to reread.

Books used to plan a retreat or class.

Books by authors I have met or heard speak.

Books that were just what I needed at a specific time in my life.

Books that show my evolution as a spiritual director.

Books that trace my spiritual life.

How easy it would have been to sit with Thomas Merton or Joan Chittister or John O'Donohue or Elizabeth Johnson today. How enticing it would have been to start reading one of the books waiting patiently for me. Books such as A Faithful Farewell, Living Your Last Chapter with Love by Marilyn Chandler McEntyre or Wisdom of the Body, A Contemplative Journey to Wholeness for Women by Christine Valters Painter. 

Almost bewitched, I used my broom to break the spell and returned each stack to their proper place. Marcus Borg next to Joan Borysenko and Phyllis Tickle rubbing covers with Krista Tippett

Frankly, I deserve a medal for my valor. I was not diverted from the  objective. The garret is now clean, and I am ready to return to my day to day hands-on-the- keyboard tasks, for I am surrounded by so much wisdom. 

An Invitation
How aware are you of the wisdom in your room? I would love to know. 


  1. Our mother would have been so proud of your discipline. The dust bunnies are alive and well here and I will wave my swifter wand soon, to banish them till they return. We know they ALWAYS return.

  2. Those sneaky, pesky bunnies do return, but not today!

  3. I loved this! The poetry of cleaning, as it were...Nice that you mention Chittister—she is a favorite of mine!

  4. Joan Chittister doesn't know it, but she is at the head of my Wise Women Circle.


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