Thursday, April 6, 2017

Time to Leave the Garret: Thursday's Reflection

I spent the winter in my office garret.

No, I wasn't being punished, although on difficult writing days, I wondered. I set  goals for myself and that meant tucking up in the garret for hours every day. Even weekends.

My day in the garret began with morning meditation and prayer time, followed by reading the paper and other emails online. 

Then after a shower and getting dressed I returned to work at my desk. Some days I met with spiritual direction clients or did errands or even occasionally left to do something fun, something nongoal oriented, like meeting a friend for lunch. But many days I pretended a gate at the bottom of the stairs was locked, and I couldn't get out till it was time to fix dinner. 

Since Bruce's desk is in the lower level, we sometimes texted each other with a question, but for the most part we only met briefly during the day in the kitchen. And then I climbed the stairs back up to the garret.

Well, it is time to leave the garret. 

I have basically met my winter goals, which culminate tomorrow when I attend the pitch conference. At the conference I will meet with three agents and in each eight minute session I will pitch my book. I am not attached to the outcome and know the chances of an agent showing interest is not likely, but the experience will be a great learning experience, and besides this was one of my goals. 

While I still have a great deal to do to "finish" my book and to find an agent or publisher, I know it is time to balance garret time with other aspects of my life. 

And so what will I do when I leave the garret? 

I have avoided making that list, but, of course, it is percolating in my head. Instead, I am going to take some time off the rest of this month. I am going to see what attracts me, where I feel like spending time and energy and with whom. I know I will continue to work on my book, but shorter writing projects appeal, too. I know I want to resume daily walking--outside, instead of up and down the garret stairs. I know I will participate in a variety of church and community opportunities, and I know I will connect with family and friends. But I also look forward to sitting in the side garden, which we call "Paris," and read. Here I go making a list!!!! 

For now leaving the garret is enough. 

An Invitation
What do you need to leave? A place? A task? An obligation? An attitude? I would love to know. 

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