Tuesday, January 31, 2017

What's Saving Your Life Right Now? Tuesday's Reflection

One of my favorite blogs right now is Modern Mrs Darcy, a blog 
about books and reading. Check it out here. Not only do I love adding to my own long "Books to Read" list, but reading this blog is a momentary break from all the political and current events material flooding my inbox and Facebook. 

One post last week asked the question,"What is saving your life right now?" referring not to the political climate, but the actual climate. Winter, that is. I am not a winter naysayer, but the question was a good one, nonetheless. 

Here's the comment I posted in response to the question:
     Participating in the Women's March with my daughter
     and 14 year old granddaughter in St Paul was life-saving.
     Gathering Sunday mornings with my faith community is
     life-giving. My morning meditation time saves my life on
     a daily basis. Those all feel like BIG life preservers, but
     there are many small ones, too. Hot chocolate, a new 
     journal, a new book waiting as I turn the last page of a 
     current book, the string of lights around my garret window.
     And so much more. 

It's funny how once you start thinking about what in your life is life-saving, the list grows and grows. Here's just one more item on my life-saving list:  Gathering with Friends. 

Recently, we entertained two different sets of friends. As I set the table and prepared the meals, I knew our time together would offer luxurious space for conversation and connection. A safe space to process all that is troubling us and to share ways to respond and to support others in their efforts. 

Being with friends is another way to stay grounded. And when I am grounded, I am more able to act. I am less apt to be paralyzed or to sink into hopelessness. 

There is much to do, of course, and no time to waste, but how much more effective we can be, if we act from our own centered peace. 

     Ultimately, we have just one more duty: to reclaim large
     areas of peace in ourselves, more and more peace, and to
     reflect it towards others. And the more peace there is in us,
     the more peace there will be in our troubled world. 
                                            Etty Hillesum

An Invitation
What is saving your life right now? I would love to know. 

NOTE: Here is another blog I read regularly, which offers such helpful information. Time Goes By  And here is another inspiring and helpful essay. http://gratefulness.org/blog/five-small-gestures-gratitude-counteract-fear-violence/

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