Thursday, January 12, 2017

Getting Organized: Thursday's Reflection

Meet Peter. Peter is our awesome, almost nine years old grandson, and we are so grateful he is in our life. For many reasons. Believe me, I could tell you many Peter stories. Just ask.

Yesterday morning I must have been channeling Peter as I sat in my morning meditation chair and looked around my slightly chaotic garret. What would Peter suggest I do, I asked myself?

You see, as part of a new year exercise our daughter asked each member of her family to first list gratitudes in their life and then to state an intention for the new year. Peter's --now, remember he is not quite nine-- said he wants to be better organized. 

He is already a kid who makes lists and has notebooks devoted to specific topics. He makes plans and wants to know not only Plan A, but also Plan B. All in all, I think he is quite organized and responsible. I am sure that is not the case all the time, and I don't have to clean his room, but still....

I looked around the garret, seeing piles here and piles there and could almost hear him say, "GrandNan, it is time to get organized."

Anyone who knows me knows I am an organized person, and I value being organized and living in an organized home. I enjoy organizing and eagerly look for additional ways to be and stay organized. 

January is the the month of organization. All you need to do is go to Target, for example, where you can find every size, color, and material of bins and baskets and boxes. And every magazine and home decor blog this time of year focuses on ways to get and be more organized. I love it, so how is it that I have allowed piles to gather on every surface in my beloved office space?

Here's the thing about feeling disorganized: it gets in the way of doing whatever I most need and want to do. At least that is how it is for me. Not only are surfaces cluttered, but so is my mind and even my heart. Sometimes spending time cleaning cupboards and drawers can be a distraction from how I am really supposed to be using my energy, but sometimes it clears the space for what truly is the priority. 

I only know the difference when I pause and consult my inner voice. My word(s) of the year is "Sacred Yes, Sacred No," and knowing when each applies is my ongoing challenge and intention. 

Yesterday morning I heard "yes," and it sounded a lot like Peter's voice. It didn't take long and soon my desk top was clear and ready for action once again. Piles of books were reshelved and various notebooks were back in their rightful places--right where I will look for them when I need them once again. That in itself is a good feeling, but even more I was ready to do my real work of the day. 

Thanks, Peter.

An Invitation
How does getting organized clear the space for you? What does it lead to? I would love to know. 

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