Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Chairs in the Neighborhood: Tuesday's Reflection

This morning as I walked in the neighborhood, I noticed the number of homes who have chairs in their front yards. 

They looked lonely to me in the early morning hour. I saw no one sitting, reading the paper, having a cup of coffee. I imagined the homeowners rushing to get to work, dropping kids off at daycare or perhaps they were out for a morning walk, too. Maybe, like my husband, they were in the backyard watering the garden. 

On the other hand the empty chairs looked hospitable to me and full of possibility. I imagined neighbors gathering in the evening sharing their days, chatting while children rode bikes on the sidewalk or made new chalk designs on the sidewalk. Perhaps a bottle of wine would be opened and an invitation extended to the newest resident on the block. It is good to think about the community these chairs can offer. 

An Invitation
If you have a chairs in your front yard, consider inviting someone to join you for conversation. If you don't have chairs in your front yard, consider adding two or three or more. How could that change the quality of your day to day life? I would love to know. Oh, and if you don't have a front yard, how else could you extend hospitality? 

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