Thursday, August 11, 2016

Celebrate! Thursday's Reflection

Pardon my self-indulgence, but I am in a celebratory mode. This 
weekend our family gathers to celebrate our wedding anniversaries. 
              Bruce and I celebrate our 45th.


                   Kate and Mike celebrate
                  their 20th. 

            Geof and Cricket celebrate their 

I have filled a basket with pictures from these special days. The memories come flooding back, and I hope, along with raising a glass to one another in honor of the love that has been, is now and we hope will live on forevermore, that we will share stories of those special days.

How important it is to celebrate. Not just wedding anniversaries, for those of us whose lives have been offered that blessing, but birthdays and graduations and work successes. And retirement, whether it is chosen or mandated. And the end of cancer treatment or release from the hospital. Don't forget to celebrate the small things like waking up each morning refreshed and enjoying the first corn of the cob of the season or welcoming a friend to your front door. 

Not every celebration requires champagne or a cake. All that is really needed is an open heart and an awareness of the many gifts in our lives. 

John O-Donohue reminds us in his blessing "For Celebration,"

                   Now is the time to free the heart,
                   Let all intentions and worries stop,
                   Free the joy inside the self,
                   Awaken to the wonder of your life.

He adds, "See the gifts the years have given."


An Invitation
What can you celebrate today? I would love to know.




  1. You are so right when you say that a celebration doesn't mean you have to be extravagant, just loving, grateful and sincere. I loved the pictures in this post!


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