Thursday, July 14, 2016

Turning Towards Morning: Thursday's Reflection

One evening we were walking in a nearby neighborhood, and I
noticed these words carved on a gate:

          The world is always turning
          towards morning.

Sometimes that thought is not easily apparent or remembered. That's when we need reassurance. 

               Every twenty-four hours 
               includes morning.

               Every night time is followed
               by morning.

Think about a time when you felt clouded with confusion, pierced by pain or submerged in sadness. Now recall when those murky moments lifted, maybe not completely, but remember when you noticed hints of light. I suspect there has been more than one time when you re-discovered morning.

Remembering the light does not mean keeping your eyes closed, hiding under the covers and keeping the blinds pulled until you are sure the morning has come. Nor is it enough to hoard all the light for ourselves. There is more than enough morning light to go around. 

My prayer for our nation is that we can wake up and find ways to understanding, connection and wholeness. My prayer is that we may move from mourning to morning. 

Yes, the world is always turning towards the morning, but each of us can be part of making the morning shine brighter and clearer. 

An Invitation
Another favorite truth is "nothing changes if nothing changes." What are you willing to do to create change, a change that illuminates the darkness? I would love to know. 


  1. I like mornings best. To me it means renewal, fresh beauty, and a new beginning. I never tire of mornings!


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