Thursday, July 7, 2016

Kitchen Thoughts: Thursday's Reflection

One morning this week I made a dinner to take to a woman in our church who is having a round of chemotherapy. 

I enjoy cooking, but so often by the time dinner time arrives I am tired from everything else I have done during the day, and my goal is to throw something together that won't take lots of time or effort.  Mornings in the kitchen are different, however. And cooking for someone else adds to the pleasure as well. 

As I chopped and measured and mixed, I realized I was praying and giving thanks and also allowing thoughts and memories to hover above the counter. 

I prayed for healing for the woman who would receive this dinner, but I also prayed for all those who are in need of support during crisis times. I gave thanks for all those who respond to the call to help and for all those who live into new health. I prayed for those who dwell in uncertainty and for those who struggle to accept new realities. 

I remembered when I benefited from the gift of meals. When I recovered from cancer surgery many years ago and more recently when I healed from a broken ankle. I thought about the many angels who have flown into my life bringing love and support--and gifts of food. 

I thought about the kitchens I have known--the big and the small. The views from the windows: our gardens at Sweetwater Farm, the rooftops in Middleton and now our backyard rapidly becoming another garden paradise. I remembered Boe, our lab mix of a loveable dog, who liked positioning himself on the floor between me and the sink. Somehow I adjusted. 

I chuckled to myself realizing how I have adjusted to this small kitchen, even preferring it to the much larger kitchen in our last home. It is large enough to prepare meals for the two of us, but also more than enough when those at the table expand to four or more. I am content, and I gave thanks to be able to say that.

The day outside the kitchen looked full. I would deliver the meal, but also had a number of writing tasks that would take energy and time. Somehow, however, after the morning kitchen reverie, mixing prayer time with food preparation time, I felt more at ease, more open. More grateful. 

An Invitation
When can you add prayer time to your day? I would love to know. 




  1. Mary Denham (friend of Cathy Andrews)July 7, 2016 at 9:24 PM

    What a beautiful post. I too prepare food for the sick-however I
    never thought or connected it with prayer. Thank you for giving
    me this inspiration.
    I read all of your posts-you are gifted. Thank You.

  2. And thank you. I am so grateful you read my posts and so pleased they give you "food" for thought.


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