Thursday, June 9, 2016

Summer Reading: Thursday's Reflection

I went to the library on Monday afternoon.  Summer is here, and I was eager to start my summer reading program. 

On our road trip over the weekend to Cleveland and back I read the June selection for our book group, In the Land of Invisible Women, A Female Doctor's Journey in the Saudi Kingdom by Qanta Ahmed, MD, and just prior to that I read Louise Ehrdich's most recent novel, La Rose. Frankly, I was ready for some fluff. 

With a list in hand I headed to the library's mystery section. A friend told me about mysteries by Stephanie Barron with Jane Austen as the main character. Great--three were on the shelf. Thanks to the catalogue, Bas Bleu, one of my favorite resources of books I might otherwise not know about, I had a list of several other titles to check. I added two more to my pile: Murder at Brightwell by Ashley Weaver and Sidney Chambers and The Problem of Evil by James Runcie, which is the basis for the charming PBS series, Grantchester. Plus, I was pleased to find one of the Flavia de Luce novels by Alan Bradley. My daughter has been devouring these books in which the main character is an eleven year old chemist and aspiring detective. 

By the way, is it a coincidence that the setting for all the books in my pile is England? Probably not. 

I returned from my trip to the grocery store and the library and piled my books in the room we call the snuggery. Then even though several re-entry tasks beckoned, I put my feet up and opened Book #1. I finished it yesterday afternoon. 

Yesterday was one of those perfect summer days. Sunny with a temperature in the low 70's. Light breeze. I met with a client in the morning and then decided to go on a bike ride in the neighborhood. I was sorry I hadn't thrown my book and a Diet Coke in my basket, for the park not far away has a number of benches where it would be pleasant to spend an hour or so. Next time.  

Instead when I got home, I made myself some lunch and moved to the umbrella table in our back yard, book in hand. Bruce had mowed the yard the day before, so neat and inviting, and his roses are in full bloom. I could hear our neighbor chatting in her kitchen to her sweet young granddaughter and also sounds of some of the kids on the block at play. I paused to watch a robin enjoy bath time in our bird bath. And then I returned to the book--not a great book, a bit too romancy for me, but just right for a summer afternoon. 

What a gift of a day. One I intend to repeat this summer as often as possible. True, I intend to keep up my writing pace and yes, I will continue meeting with my spiritual direction clients and begin planning for some fall obligations. Plus, Bruce and I are part time nannies for the grands this summer. 

Still, however, I plan to be in summer mode and that means summer reading --whenever and wherever I chose. 

An Invitation
What about you? What does summer mode mean to you? Does it include summer reading? I would love to know. 

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