Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Re-Entry Ritual: Tuesday's Post

Last week I attended a retreat at Wisdom Ways, which is located
within walking distance from our house. Because it is so close I could return home each afternoon, and I wondered how that would be. Instead of one re-entry at the end of the four days, I needed to re-enter each day. That can be challenging after a day focused on reflection and contemplation.

I had asked Bruce if he would be willing to manage the evening meal. He graciously agreed, even though cooking is not his thing. He is great at the cleaning up, but normally

I plan the meals, do the grocery shopping, and cook. How grateful I was to be relieved of kitchen duty each afternoon.

I also realized I needed to maintain the quiet of the day. Before dinner I sat in the front room we call the snuggery and read, but also closed my eyes for a short nap. I allowed the thoughts of the day to find a place within. Then after light catch up conversation as we ate, I moved into the garden where the lavender is in full bloom.  

I recall so many pleasurable mornings during our Sweetwater Farm years walking the rows of lavender. The touch of my ankles lightly released the clean smell, and I pretended I was in Provence living the life of a French herbalist. I remember how soothing and meditative it was to strip the stems of excess leaves and wrap together bunches for drying. I kept some to add to bouquets of daisies and roses, also plentiful at the moment.

I know the best time to harvest lavender is in the early morning, but getting my gathering basket from the garage, I knew this was exactly the right task to carry me from one retreat day to the next. 

Sometimes we have the luxury of planning our transitions and responding to what we most need in the moment. More often than we realize we can stop and pause and feel the movement from one moment to another. 

I invite you to smell the lavender.

An Invitation
What helps you during a time of transition or re-entry? I would love to know. 

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