Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Spirituality: Thursday's Reflection

Memorial Day weekend signals the start of summer. True, summer officially begins June 20, but try telling that to the thousands of Minnesotans who trek to "the lake" this weekend. Summer can be short here in the upper Midwest, and each day of warmth and sunshine is treasured. 

I'm more of a winter person myself, but that is the topic for another time. Right now I am thinking about the satisfactions of summer:
* Walking out the front door without bundling up, without adding all those extra layers.
* Enjoying Bruce's garden magic of color and every shade of green.
* Riding in Bruce's little car with the top down. Even basic errands feel more fun in that car.
* Eating the summer foods--corn on the cob and other fresh fruit and vegetables from the Farmers' Market.
* Exploring from the seat of my new bike.

What's on your list?

I feel a shift in the summer and invite myself to experience the spirituality of summer. 

Summer Spontaneity. Summer invites me to listen to what calls me right now. What is it I most want to do right now? Read a book in our sanctuary garden? Get an ice cream cone? Walk in the evening to night time dusk? Drive an unfamiliar street? Call a friend and say, "Let's meet for lunch. Are you free?" Go to a movie on a hot, muggy afternoon or decide at the last minute to go to a concert in the park. Summer spontaneity invites me to let go of my list and calendar and follow the whim of the moment.  

Summer Stillness. Summer invites me to stop and enjoy the wonders of a June, July, August world. To listen to the birds in the morning. To sit by one of our many lakes and see beneath the surface. To walk a labyrinth, becoming more quiet with each step and more attuned to the voice within. To nap in a lawn chair. To remember summers of the past and to be grateful for this specific summer. 

Summer Silliness. Similar, perhaps to Summer Spontaneity, but summer seems to require and open us to a double dose of fun. Last summer we declared one day to be "Donut Day." Two of our dear friends willingly joined us and we enjoyed donuts in several bakeries. Laughing our way to a sugar high. (Read post here.) Such fun. What will it be this year? Stay tuned. 

Your summer spirituality may include summer spaciousness or sacredness or simplicity or a summer sabbatical. Whatever summer opens for you, may it be safe and may it be sweet.

An Invitation
What does summer summon for you? I would love to know. 

You may enjoy reading another post I wrote about Memorial Day. Read post here.

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