Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Unplugged: Tuesday's Reflection

This is me unplugged. I am tucked under a beach towel on a windy day at one of Florida's sandy beaches. What do you look like when you are unplugged? 

Our church has selected "unplugged" as the Lenten theme this year. We are encouraged to unplug from "things that interfere with our relationships and faithful priorities." 

There are some obvious ways to unplug, even though they may not be easy to put into operation. For example, before our recent vacation time in Florida, I thought about how I wanted to unplug during that time. I decided to unplug from this blog for two weeks, and I told friends and family not to expect frequent email updates. I have some presence, but not much, on Facebook and decided that could be set aside as well. 

I have a feeling, however, the invitation to unplug from what interferes with who we were created to be can lead us into a deeper dialogue with our hearts. In what more profound ways do I need to unplug? What am I holding onto that is begging for release? What about you?

I invite you to close your eyes lightly, not tightly and take a nice deep breath. Imagine standing in front of an electrical socket and holding onto a cord. The cord is attached to a long held belief, a regret, fear, or anxiety. Or perhaps an expectation of yourself or someone else. Even a routine, which you no longer recall the reason for establishing. 

Name what needs to be released. 

Take another deep breath and gently ease the plug from the socket where it has been held in place for a long time. Far too long. Continue to breathe. Pause in the stillness and the new space. Experience the freedom of movement you have when you are not shackled to that plug. Experience the movement of God within and around you as you discover the possibilities of new and creative life open to you.

Don't be scared. You can always plug back in. Unplugging is not an irreversible decision, although in some cases you may wish that were the case. But give yourself a chance to try out a new way of being. 

An Invitation
What needs healing in your life? How would unplugging be a step towards mending the brokenness? I would love to know 


  1. If it's Tuesday, it is Nancy's reflection. I eagerly anticipated today's post. Thank you.

  2. Thanks for being with me on Tuesday.

  3. This is a wonderful way to open myself to awareness. Thank you Nancy.


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