Tuesday, February 23, 2016

On Eagle's Wings: Tuesday's Reflection

Since returning from vacation I have been in a state of preparation, presentations, and projects. For the most part I have been present to each task and event, but by Saturday I needed to pause. 

I suggested to my husband that we drive to Wabasha, MN to the National Eagle Center, which is located on the banks of the Mississippi River. The water remains open there all year round, making it a natural gathering place for eagles in the winter time. The center houses non releasable bald and golden eagles and offers ongoing education programs to the public. http://www.nationaleaglecenter.org

We talked last winter about making this trip, but somehow it never happened. Saturday was a perfect day -- fairly mild temperature, occasional sun highlighting the bones of the bluffs along the river.   The bare trees reminded me of porcupine quills poking up from the bare hills.  

We had a two hawk and 15 eagle day, not counting the eagles we met at the center. Just imagine coming around a curve and seeing a tree with five eagles in it or having an eagle swoop down in front of your car, as we experienced, twirling and swirling, dancing in a private performance. 

During the hour long presentation by an enthusiastic and knowledgeable naturalist, we not only were engrossed watching one of the center's eagles as he enjoyed his rabbit lunch, but we also learned so much about eagles. I was particularly intrigued to learn about how eagles molt or shed their feathers. The process happens over three years, one feather at a time. When a feather is shed from one side of the body, the next feather shed is in the same location on the other side of the body. In that way balance is maintained and so is their ability to fly. 

There is a lesson there, I think. The importance of maintaining balance in our lives, but also the patience needed to achieve a needed change. 

Native peoples view eagles as sacred, a symbol of Spirit, and they envision eagle carrying our prayers to the Creator God.

I had prayed earlier in the day that I might be able to set aside the tasks that were preoccupying my heart and mind. I prayed I could relax in the day and enjoy both my husband's company and the beauties we might encounter. 

My prayers were answered, and the eagles were both the source and the means. 

An Invitation
What feathers are you hoping to shed right now? Are you prepared to soar like an eagle?   


  1. After several months of caretaking my mom, I am exhausted and definitely lopsided. We are just coming through it and now it's my turn to do what I need for me. I know I need it and my mom is adamant. (She's also doing great.) I got new Japanese paint pens, a new mug for tea, a vase of daffodils and a doctor's appointment for a bad knee. Back to the pool tomorrow and I'm on my way. By the way, I am beside myself about the eagles.

  2. So glad to know your Mom is doing well and that she supports you in your own self-care. I love that you know what you need and you are making it happen.

  3. We are still surrounded by eagles in our corner of the Pacific North West. We are so blessed! There is a huge effort here to preserve their nesting areas and their environment. May they stay forever!

  4. And may each sighting be an inspiration!


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