Thursday, July 20, 2017

Sitting: Thursday's Reflection

My "girlfriend" chair in the garret has seen lots of sitting inaction this week. 

This afternoon I go to the dentist for a root canal, and trust me, when I say, that will be a relief. The last few days have been dominated by pain. I did get a prescription for a pain medication, and that has certainly been a big help, but taking it means I can't drive. Bruce has managed our nanny responsibilities, driving the grands to their activities and appointments and has gone to the grocery store for soft foods for me.  

My main activity has been sitting. 

Sitting and Reflecting: I met with writer/teacher Elizabeth Jarrett Andrewat the beginning of the week to discuss next steps for my book. She had amazing insights and suggestions, which will require major revisions, but make lots of sense to me. First, however, she suggested I sit with some of the questions she raised. Sit to see what comes up. 

Sitting and Discerning: I was asked to make a major service commitment. I have learned over the years to sit with important invitations, to consider carefully, prayerfully whether something is a Sacred Yes or a Sacred No--or is there something in-between?

Sitting and Reading: I may be in pain, but not enough to prevent good reading time. I just finished an excellent novel, The Summer Before the War by Helen Simonson and now I am beginning My Utmost, A Devotional Memoir by Macy Halford. I continue to read Letters to a Young Muslim by Omar Said Ghobash, which definitely extends my knowledge of Islam, and during morning devotion sitting I started We Make the Road by Walking by Brian McLaren. My favorite line so far is "If you want to know what the Original Artist is like, a smart place to start would be to enjoy the art of creation." 

Sitting and Napping: I am a latecomer to the art of napping, but I seem to be catching on. The "girlfriend" chair is very comfortable and thanks to the medication which causes drowsiness, I have taken numerous naps here the last few days. I surrendered to nap time. 

Sitting and Praying: Praying does not require sitting, but if being active is a challenge, try praying. One name leads to another. One concern or worry or hope leads to another. The intentional time in God's presence is always a gift. 

Sitting with Spiritual Directees: This morning I will meet with two of my directees and I look forward to sitting with them, receiving what sits in their hearts and minds. A privilege, indeed. 

In the past I may have considered these days of sitting to be time lost; time when I wasn't moving forward or accomplishing.  I won't lie and say I haven't struggled with missing some fun family and grandkid time, but mainly I have surrendered. 

This is sitting time. 

An Invitation
What is a current struggle in your life? Where do you feel pain? Could sitting help? I would love to know. 

NOTE: I am taking a break and will not post on Tuesday, July 25 or Thursday, July 27. I will be back in this space on Tuesday, August 1.


  1. The discipline of "sitting tight" came up for me after reading wise words from Evelyn Underhill's thoughts on Prudence. She describes "peaceful striving", and "the inconspicuous heroism that sits tight".

  2. Nice. I like the idea of sitting "lightly," too. Interesting to think about the appropriateness of both. Thanks for your comment.


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