Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Waking Up: Tuesday's Reflection

Some mornings I need more than one wake up call.

I fell asleep easily after a wonderful evening with friends, but then was awake for a couple hours as Sunday became Monday. Of course, that meant when my gentle alarm sounded at 6:30, I was reluctant to get out of bed. I resisted for 45 minutes. 

Had I forgotten how much I need to do today? How will I meet the deadlines I have set for myself? Oooh, that "to do" list--both a blessing and a rebuke in my life. 

Even though I am up later than intended, however, I make the bed and go up the stairs to the garret for my morning meditation time, and, of course, what awaits me is exactly what I need.

First, from Joyce Rupp, "I awaken to what sleeps in me."

What sleeps in me? 

My true self, my essence, the person I was created to be. 
A willingness to rest in the embrace of God. 
Expansive love. 
More growth and openness. 

My job is to wake up.

Second, I start reading a new book, The Grace in Living, Recognize It, Trust It, Abide In It by Kathleen Dowling Singh and in the introduction I read this phrase, "exploration of our own path of awakening." She suggests creating a timeline of our life on which we mark "grace points," to indicate a "significant moment of healing, realization, or transformative shift." 

Moments of awakening to what sleeps in me. 

After writing in my journal about the synchronicity in these passages in different books, I decide to read a couple pages in a book about writing, Writing Toward Home, Tales and Lessons to Find Your Way by Georgia Heard. She quotes Matthew Fox, "Thou shalt fall in love at least three times a day."

In other words, WAKE UP!     

An Invitation
What sleeps in you and what do you need, in order to wake up? I would love to know.   

Kathleen Dowling Singh
Joyce Rupp
Georgia Heard


  1. Why I Wake Early
    by Mary Oliver

    Every day
    I see or hear
    that more or less
    kills me
    with delight,
    that leaves me
    like a needle
    in the haystack
    of light.
    It was what I was born for -
    to look, to listen,
    to lose myself
    inside this soft world -
    to instruct myself
    over and over
    in joy,
    and acclamation.
    Nor am I talking
    about the exceptional,
    the fearful, the dreadful,
    the very extravagant -
    but of the ordinary,
    the common, the very drab,
    the daily presentations.
    Oh, good scholar,
    I say to myself,
    how can you help
    but grow wise
    with such teachings
    as these -
    the untrimmable light
    of the world,
    the ocean's shine,
    the prayers that are made
    out of grass?
    ~ Mary Oliver ~

  2. Thank you, thank you. Mary Oliver is always good for the soul.

  3. When synchronicity shows up in our lives, it's a very powerful message. Yu did the right thing in waking up and paying attention!


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