Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Dragonfly Magic: Tuesday's Reflection

NOTE: I am taking a brief break and will not publish a post on Thursday, September 15, but will be back on Tuesday, September 20th.

I started the week with a glorious morning walk in the neighborhood. I left the house soon after all the kids paraded by to the Catholic school just up the block, but I turned in the opposite direction--towards the river. As I stood at a busy intersection, waiting for my turn to cross, I sent out blessings to all those in cars heading to work. I heard a dog standing at his front door, barking in muffled tones, hoping his master would hear him and let him in. For one second I considered going up the sidewalk and opening the door for him. Probably not a good idea. 

I played my usual game, choosing which houses I could imagine living in. My favorite this morning was a curvy brick house sitting up high. I loved the almost floor to ceiling window, arched at the top. 

A few doors down I spotted a plaque tucked in a garden near a driveway citing that house as listed on the National Registry of Historic Properties. The stone house was large, elegant, stately, but not imposing, and I wonder about its story. 

A block away from our house I called my Dad for our morning check-in, always relieved to hear him answer my call with "Hello, dear." And then I was home. I admired the row of box Bruce planted over the weekend, part of his vision for gardening the front yard. The squirrels are delighted with this project --easy places to hide nuts for later feasting. 

I walked up our sidewalk and my eyes were drawn to something on the riser of the lowest step. A dragonfly, a massive body supporting outspread wings almost devoid of color. I got down on my knees to look at it, and even as I write this I wonder if it is still there. 

According to Native American teachings dragonfly teaches us about illusion, challenging us to remember that things are never completely as they seem. Dragonfly urges us to breakdown the illusions you may have about what restricts your actions or ideas. 

At the same time dragonfly offers messages of wisdom and enlightenment, of transformation and a call to the light. Ted Andrews in his book Animal-Speak says that part of dragonfly medicine is that with maturity our own true colors come forth. Does this mean that we drop our illusions and are more willing to live in our own essence? 

I wonder what illusions I carry with me. I wonder in what ways I hide my true essence, causing others only to see what I wish them to see. We all do this to some extent, I think, but I also know we are each called to be who God created us to be. We just don't always know who or what that person is. 

Dragonfly has landed on my step today, and he reminds me to allow my own light to shine forth.

An Invitation
What illusions color your life? Isn't it time you live from your essence? I would love to know about dragonfly lessons in your life. 

Animal-Speak by Ted Andrews
Medicine Cards by Jamie Sams and David Carson

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