Thursday, March 3, 2016

Caucus Night: Thursday's Reflection

We needed to park several blocks away from the site of our caucus meeting, amazed and delighted to see the throngs of people gathering to be part of our political process. Apparently, that was the case all over Minnesota Tuesday night, and although I would have preferred a Clinton victory, how good it is to know people care enough to uphold the rights and responsibilities of citizenship in this country.


                            By working in this manner,
                            for the sake of the land and the people
                            to be in vital relation
                            with each other,
                            we will have life,
                            and it will continue. 
                                              Simon Ortiz

Last night as I looked at the long line of people from our neighborhood waiting to register and then vote, I thought about all the times I took our young children with me when I voted. I wanted them to know this is something we do in this country. I am not a big activist, but there have been times over the years when I have written letters, stuffed envelopes, canvassed neighborhoods, marched in demonstrations, and made financial contributions. How fortunate I have felt to be able to participate in ways I choose and of my own free will. 

Last night was clear evidence of a caring and committed people.

               The time for healing of the wounds has come.
               The time to build is upon us…
               We pledge ourselves to liberate all people
               from the continuing bondage of poverty, deprivation,
               suffering, gender and discrimination…
               There is no easy road to freedom…
               None of us acting alone can achieve success.
               We must therefore act together as a united people,
               for reconciliation, for nation building,
               for the birth of a new world. 
                                                        Nelson Mandela

We may get tired of the hype and the rhetoric and the political ads, but last night was a reminder that we get to decide what we want this country to be now and in the future. 

                Who is fit to hold power
                       and worthy to act in God's place?
                 Those with a passion for the truth,
                       who are horrified by injustice,
                 who act with mercy to the poor
                        and take up the cause of the helpless,
                 who have let go of selfish concerns
                         and see the whole earth as sacred,
                  refusing to exploit her creatures
                         or to foul her waters and lands.
                  Their strength is in their compassion;
                         God's light shines through their hearts.
                   Their children's children will bless them,
                          and the work of their hands will endure.
                                            Psalm 24 (version by Stephen Mitchell)

An Invitation
How will you engage in the political process in the coming months? I would love to know. 


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