Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Book of the Month: Tuesday's Reflection

Maren at the Red Balloon
Our granddaughter Maren is 13 years old and in the 7th grade. A bright and strong student, basketball player, actress, canoer-camper, devoted friend, lover of the Boundary Waters, Harry Potter, and BOOKS. On their recent vacation to Mexico she read ten books. Maren and her younger brother Peter always have a book with them, for you never know when you might have a chance to read a page or two.

They both have a passion for reading. 

Her Papa and I like to think we had something to do with that passion. 

When Maren was born we decided to enroll her in a very exclusive book club, The Sweetwater Farm Book Club. (The name of our home when we lived in Ohio was Sweetwater Farm.) So exclusive that Maren was the only member of that club until Peter was born, and the club expanded to two members. 

As part of membership in this club each member receives a new book every month. Every month without fail. In their younger years Papa and GrandNan had fun picking out books for them, ones we knew we would enjoy reading to them.  Now, however, they both read so widely and voraciously, we can't keep up with what they have read. That means once a month we have an outting to a favorite bookstore, like Red Balloon in St Paul, where they pick out their book --or let's be honest--bookS of the month. 

Maren has to earn a good chunk of money for the privilege of going to Camp Widjiwagan this summer, and I asked her if she would prefer receiving the cost of a book each month, instead of a book. She could add the cash to her camp stash. She didn't have to think twice before saying she doesn't want to give up the book. She will find a way to earn the money, she said, and I know she will.
Peter lost in a book

Books are just one of the bonds we have with Maren and Peter, but it is a major one and one that keeps growing. Just like their personal libraries.

An Invitation
If you have grandchildren, what are the special ways you connect with them? 


  1. Well, you have given those young people a great start in life! I don't know what the stats are on teenagers and their reading habits, but I would think, given the penchant for iphones today, that your grandchildren would be in the minority!

  2. The reading habit is definitely one of the best, and I am grateful they both have it.


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