Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Outside the Door: Tuesday's Post

Recently, I read a wonderful poem called Triptych" by Jeannette M. Lindholm. https://www.salemstate.edu/academics/schools/1188.php?id=899Lindholm writes about Mary going about the normal routines of her day and in the meantime the angel Gabriel is waiting outside the door. 

On that ordinary day,  there is a knock on her door, a knock on her heart. And nothing is ever the same. For Mary. And, if you are a believer in Jesus Christ, nothing is ever the same for you, for us, for the world. 

I don't think this is just about Mary and the "yes" she whispers to Gabriel's invitation. I don't think this is just a poem that can resonate with those of who call ourselves Christians, whether we are on the Christian right or think of ourselves as progressive Christians. These are words for all of us about who and what is outside our door, ready to ring the doorbell, lift the door knocker. This is about you and me as we go about our daily routine. Feed the dog, the cat, the kids. Toss a load of laundry in the washer. Pay the bills. Make the grocery list. Stir the soup. 

I know in my heart there is something outside my door, waiting for my attention, waiting for me to notice and pay attention. There is something, someone, who needs me, my time and energy. There are questions I have not wanted to answer or statements I have not wanted to make or steps I have not wanted to take because I have been afraid and uncertain. I have covered my inattention with busyness, with an attitude that someone else will do it or I will have time later. Another day. After all, I have my routine and it seems to be working quite well for me.

In the meantime there is something, someone outside my door, calling my name, gently, but persistently. 

Now is the time to at least look through the window and catch a glimpse of what is on your steps, but I suspect that is not enough. I need to open the door to my version of Gabriel. 

An Invitation
Who is about to knock at your door? What is waiting for you to open the door and be welcomed into your life? I would love to know. 

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