Thursday, October 22, 2015

Transformation, Part 2: Thursday's Reflection

The transformation of our house from its previous pale gold color to the new aqua blue, which signals the colors inside our house, is not quite done. It may look done, if you don't know the plan and besides it certainly looks different to anyone passing by, but I know what's missing.

The red door. 

I know the transformation is not done. 

Sometimes one change leads to another. 

Sometimes we simply need more time, especially when other parts of life intervene. That is true for the red door, which will be a project for next summer, and that is just fine. 

Sometimes we need to live with one change before we can be intentional about making another change. 

And sometimes we need help.

This week we are getting help with the house's transformation. Bruce was uncomfortable painting the back of the house because of the electrical wires, so he hired professional painters to complete the job. As I work on this post, one of the painters is working outside my garret window. I am willing to accept the scraping noise and the sounds of conversation and their radio in order to move forward with this transformation.

What a relief it is to know that someone with more experience and training is available to help when help is needed. And wasn't Bruce smart to recognize the need for help and to take the step to get it? One more step towards transformation is underway. 

Homes On Our Block

One more thought about transformation: The homes in our cozy neighborhood are mainly painted in shades of beige, cream, white, grey with an occasional sage green. The color of our house is not the norm, to say the least, but the neighbors have been complimentary. I wonder if the transformation of our house will encourage others to make a change, too. Perhaps not as radical a change as we have made, but maybe others will become more open to color in some area of their life or perhaps just seeing the lightness as they walk to the bus stop every morning will give them an unexpected lift. 

Who knows, but I do know that transformation spreads and doesn't contain itself. 

Thanks to Frederic and Mary Ann Brussat and their book Spiritual Rx, Prescriptions for Living a Meaningful Life for this bit of mindfulness:
          Breathing in: As Spirit transforms me,…
          Breathing out: may I transform the world.

An Invitation
What steps remain in a change you know you need to make? Is it time to ask for help? How has one transformation in your life led to others? I would love to know. 

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