Thursday, May 28, 2015

Fresh Day: Thursday's Reflection

Can you see the drops of water?
Tuesday it rained all day; a cold rain. Wednesday, however, when I left the house for my morning walk, I marveled at the sparkly, shimmering freshness of the day. Tuesday's raindrops glittered on plants greener than they have ever been, it seemed to me and everywhere I looked could have been a page in a nature calendar. 


Fresh air.

Fresh smells.

Fresh growth.

Fresh colors in a neighborhood of greys and tans and browns.

 I thought about fresh starts.

Fresh looks. Perhaps a new haircut or rearranging the furniture in the living room. Don't worry, honey, I am content with the way it is, for now! 

                                           Fresh ideas.

Fresh perspectives. 

I imagine each of us could take a hint from this kind of fresh morning. Do you have feelings that need to be retired and replaced with a new outlook? Are there parts of yourself that are closed and need to be opened? Do you have attitudes leftover from another time and place that need to be spruced up? Are you weary and in need of new energy? Do worries or fears or regrets or grudges get in the way of living freely? 

Here's a thought: Throw open a window or go stand on your front step or deck and breathe. Big deep, breaths. Invite the freshness of the day to fill your whole body. Ask Spirit to open you to something new, something as yet unborn in you. Lift your head to the clouds and give thanks for each new day. Sing a new song. 

An Invitation
What is looking for renewal in your life? How will you experience freshness today? I would love to know. 

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