Thursday, December 18, 2014

Thursday's Reflection: What's Under Your Tree?

Packages are beginning to fill in the empty space under our Christmas tree. The lights add shimmer to the silver paper and ribbons, and even though I know what is in the majority of the packages, the look is magical and mysterious and quite irresistible.  I remember my childhood when tags were checked frequently to see just which presents were for me and lifting and shaking, I hoped my wishes would be fulfilled. 

What is under your tree?

I invite you to sit quietly in the glow of your Christmas tree or if that is not part of your tradition, light a candle or two or three and allow the flame to illuminate your heart. What wishes for yourself or others dear to you do you wish you could satisfy? As you gaze beyond the light and into the darkness, what hopes and dreams do you extend beyond your boundaries? What prayers are most often on your lips? Who is tucked beside you and needs your care? 

What expectations are wrapped oh so perfectly, but the box seems too heavy to lift? Can someone help lift it for you or does it need to be ignored? Some expectations, especially at this time of year, are like that. You know that, especially as we live in the wisdom years, but sometimes a reminder is a good thing. 

What hurts seem to be wrapped and rewrapped year after year? I suspect that old paper and ribbon is looking quite shabby by now --worn thin and a bit raggedy around the edges. Do you even know why you put it under the tree again this year? It's not too late to remove it, to move it on and let it go. 

What memories rest under the tree? Our memories are lights to what means the most to us. Lift a box of memory and listen to its heartbeat and allow that beating heart to keep us present to the memory-making of today. 

Is there a surprise under the tree? How did that get there? Who put it there? Are you open enough to receive it? What will it require of  you? Are you ready to stretch and grow. Someone thinks you are. 

What is still missing from under your tree or is there a candle that still needs to be lit? What whispers seem to be coming from under the tree? Is someone waiting to be remembered? Is there a wish that has been unspoken? Now is the time to fill that empty space. 

Christmas Wishes
How different my Christmas wishes are these days. Like you, I hope for good health for myself and my family. I wish all could enjoy the ease of life we enjoy. I pray for peace and understanding in the world. I lift up those who are hurting and feeling raw grief and loss and for whom the holidays bring, not wonder, but pain. 
I look at the beauty of the packages under the tree and hope that all the desires of unknown hearts may be fulfilled. Including yours

An Invitation
I invite you to let your Christmas traditions and symbols speak to you in new ways this year. I would love to hear what you learn. 

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