Thursday, July 10, 2014

Thursday's Reflection: Happy New Year!

Ready to party!
Nope, the title is not a mistake. Happy New Year! Recently, a friend, wrote me that she has decided July is the start of a new year for her. Although she is grieving the death of her father and dealing with ongoing extended family issues, she has declared July is the beginning of a new year for her. The grief will not disappear nor will the family dynamics magically change, but she has remembered her love of "fresh starts" and is  choosing to live with a new perspective. After all, July is the beginning of the second half of the year, so bravo -- and Happy New Year!

           Behold! I am making all things new.
                             Revelations 21:5

What about you? What areas of your life need renewal, a fresh start? Are there aspects of yourself that need to be reclaimed? Do you feel the need for an overhaul or do you need to lighten up in some way? Sue Patton Thoele refers to the process of renewal as "re-greening the arid places," and how perfect that seems during the summer months when our eyes are bombarded with all things green. Renewal, it seems to me, is always possible, even if it doesn't seem probable.

Another friend said she is looking at the month of July as a time to  make her life "simpler, easier, and richer." Her intentions made me think about what renewing qualities I would like to bring into my own life right now. Here's what I am trying to bring into this new year:

Even though my ankle has healed well, this feels like a critical time to intentionally rebuild my strength and stamina. I need to pay attention to what my body most needs, whether it is more exercise or more rest and better eating habits. A major challenge for this sedentary person! At the same time, I want to be more open to invitations and possibilities and to look for them. I choose to be spontaneous.  Be awake, I tell myself. Pay attention. Use the spiritual tools that serve me well, reminding me to be mindful. What does this moment need and ask of me? How is God moving in my life right now and what deeper, richer connections can I make? 

         God darts by; sometimes I notice.
                      Lauren F. Winner

My intention as I start my new year in this month of July is to ask myself moment to moment if what I am doing fulfills my desire for renewal. May it be so. 

An Invitation
What needs to be renewed in your life right now? What can't wait till the next new year? I would love to know.


  1. My intention right now is to take frequent deep breaths. I breathe very shallowly and this causes me to feel rushed and a little panicky, even when there's no reason to be. So I'm trying to breathe from my belly - instead of sucking it in all the time! And it imediately changes how I feel - very easy when I remember!!

  2. And, as always, the key is remembering. I find I inhale deeply, but my exhale is raggedy. I am trying to remember to take time with my exhale, as well as the inhale.


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