Thursday, February 6, 2014

February's Meditation: Gathering of Angels

The first Thursday of each month I offer you a meditation to use during the month. Here is the meditation for February.

I met an angel the other day. She appeared just when I needed her. 

I had a long list of errands to do, but unexpectedly another one was added to my list; one that was not difficult and that I was more than willing to do, but one that would add a big chunk of time onto the already crowded day. I found myself in the county department of public health in order to get a copy of my son's birth certificate. The reasons aren't important, but there I sat holding number 74, which wasn't bad really, since number 61 had been called soon after I arrived. However, only one person was working, and the waiting room was full. 

I sat down next to two elderly African American women, one had a walker, and the other seemed quite agitated about why they were there. I smiled at them, and we exchanged good mornings, but then I nestled in with something to read. I am almost always prepared with something to read. I told myself to relax and be patient and to remember that my list of errands would unfold and be accomplished as I was able and there was time. 

After a half hour or so, number 64 was called, and I heard the woman next to me say they were next, and then I heard her express in surprise that she had mistakenly taken two numbers, 65 and 66. In her angel raiment, she offered me number 66. Needless to say, I was thrilled, as was the person on the other side of me who had 80 something when I gave him my 74. 

I met an angel, and in my own limited way I was an angel. 

When did you last meet an angel and when were you angelic energy for someone else? February seems like the perfect month to invoke angels into your life.

Angelic Beliefs
What do you believe about angels? One widely held belief is that at least two angels are charged with our care at birth. Another is that the archangels Uriel, Michael, Gabriel, and Raphael are ready and willing to help when we call upon them. I have known the help of angel wings in profound and unexpected ways, feeling lovingly protected even when I didn't know I needed such care. I believe angels are waiting in the wings in my life --and in yours. Angels, I believe, reflect the energy of God, and one way that energy is reflected is when you and I surrender to the best and highest within ourselves and not only are open to the presence of angels in our lives, but become an angel for someone else.

A Meditation to Invoke the Energy of Angels
I invite you to sit in a quiet place and close your eyes lightly, not tightly. Take a couple deep cleansing breaths and allow your body to relax into slow, even breathing.

In this quiet, sacred space you create for yourself, imagine yourself filling with angelic light, love, joy, and solace. 

If you are feeling overwhelmed or confused, call upon Archangel Uriel to clear your mind. Breathe in purity of heart and wisdom.

If you are feeling weak and fearful, invoke the Archangel Gabriel
to remind you that you have and are all you need. Breathe in strength and courage.

If you are feeling unloving and unloveable, invoke the Archangel Michael to open your heart in true loving kindness towards yourself and others. Breathe in acceptance and flowing love.

If you are feeling ill or have specific health concerns about yourself or others, invoke the Archangel Raphael to bring healing and well-being. Breathe in hope and new life. 

If you have recently been blessed by the presence of an angel, offer deep gratitude and ask that you may be transformed into an angelic presence for others. 

Take a couple deep cleansing breaths, and when you are ready, open your eyes and return to this time and space. 

Take a few minutes to note, perhaps in a journal or by whispering to yourself, what you felt, noticed, or learned during this brief time of meditation. What will you now bring into your life?

A Blessing--The Protection Prayer
May the light of God surround you.
May the love of God enfold you.
May the power of God protect you.
May the presence of God watch over you.
Wherever you are, God is. 

An Invitation
What has been your experience of angels as the energy of God? When have you unfurled your own wings and realized the presence of angels within you?


  1. You are OUR ANGEL for doing that. Thanks again so much.

  2. I hope you know I will always be available to you for whatever you need.


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