Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Christmas Came Early This Year!

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. 
After a year and a half, we have finally sold our house in Madison. When a friend heard our news, she sent an email illustrated with fireworks, an accurate description of how we are feeling. True, we needed to lower the price again and this time quite significantly, but our realtor said we would know when we had hit the "sweet spot." Finally, we were there evidenced by a bunch of quickly scheduled showings and two offers, one full-price. 

The Big Picture
It has been a long journey, but despite discouragement and disappointments, and discontent along the way, we always kept the Big Picture in mind. We chipped away at what needed to happen to fulfill our vision, and now this major piece of the plan is finally becoming a reality.

I know at some point I will reflect more deeply about the lessons learned along the way, the opportunities for growth, the angels I have encountered, and the resources used to stay the course, but sometimes what is most required and even appropriate is to send off fireworks and shout hooray!

I do need to offer thanks, however, to family and friends who have supported us when we have been down and who have listened without fail to tales of buyers who wanted more yard, a different view, and a garage connected to the kitchen when that doesn't reflect the reality of our New Urbanism neighborhood. Someday maybe I will write a book about the craziness of selling a house in the age of HGTV, but for now I just wish to celebrate--before the next phase of packing begins. 

And someday soon I will write a love letter to Madison and our life there--the experiences we have had and the friends we have made and whom we hope to bring into this next stage of our life, but for right now I am enjoying this feeling of being lighter. 

And first there is Christmas, even though in our home and hearts it has already arrived. 

An Invitation
Think about times in your life when sticking to the course, keeping the Big Picture in mind, has resulted in fireworks moments. Think about times when you thought something would never end or never happen, and finally, you were able to celebrate. I would love to hear from you. 

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  1. Congratulations to you and Bruce on the sale of this home.

    And off the subject, thanks for your lists of books!! I have a suggestion for next year: The Humans by Matt Haig


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