Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A Bonus: Fall Pictures and Poetry from Readers

Don't these pictures just make you smile? My sister-in-law, Sue Kelly, is becoming quite the nature photographer and she especially enjoys watching the squirrels at her house. 
Thanks for sharing these, Sue. 

Another reader, Charlene Nevans shared this wonderful prayer by Edward Hays from Earth Prayers. She used it recently at the beginning of a T'ai Chi class she teaches. Thank you, Charlene. 

O sacred season of Autumn, be my teacher,
for I wish to learn the virtue of contentment.
As I gaze upon your full-colored beauty,
I sense all about you
an at-homeness with your amber riches.

You are the season of retirement,
of full barns and harvested fields.
The cycle of growth has ceased,
and the busy work of giving life
is now completed.
I sense in you no regrets:
you’ve lived a full life.

May I know the contentment
that allows the totality of my energies
to come to full flower.
May I know that like you I am rich beyond measure.

As you, O Autumn, take pleasure in your great bounty,
let me also take delight
in the abundance of the simple things in life
which are the true source of joy.
With the golden glow of peaceful contentment
may I truly appreciate this autumn day.

by Edward Hays in Earth Prayers

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