Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Heart Intentions

What a good day to attend to one's heart! I am not an artist, as you can see, but over the years, particularly at times when I've been in emotional or spiritual pain or a time of heightened spiritual discovery, I've drawn a picture of my heart. One time I envisioned my heart fallen over on its side with thick, black walls closing in on it. The drawing startled me and led me to do the necessary work to revive my heart. Another time, as pictured here, I imagined my heart upright and large, spacious within, with butterflies emerging from the dark boundaries. This is what I wrote then: "The butterflies flutter their wings and are attracted by the beating heart as well as the free, air-filled space. Soon the heart will feel the power of their transformative whispers of energy. A green stream of new life, of refreshment, of restoration runs through the heart and the surrounding space. The heart presses against the the upper boundaries, the thick cords of old limitations, and pushes to make more room, to create God space." I had drawn my heart and therefore, the new hope I was feeling seemed more tangible, but at the same time the drawing compelled me to manifest that hope through my actions. 
     This morning I sat and listened to the messages of my heart. I closed my eyes and breathed deeply into my heart area and felt it accepting and absorbing all the love and life and light around me. I imagined my heart expanding and the love and life and light I received flowing through me and extending far beyond my own boundaries. I imagined that love and life and light touching all those I love, and then I imagined that love and life and light touching all those who need love and compassion. I crossed my hands over my heart. I bowed my head towards my heart and listened to its request. "Surrender to me, and I will be your wise and compassionate guide."
     What does your heart look like today? What is your heart whispering to you? Attend to your heart.  


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