Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Yet More Thoughts About Intentions

       I am paying attention not only to when I use the word "intention," but also to times when I wish I had used it. I recall years ago when I struggled with "forgiveness." I said "I forgive," but I didn't feel it at that point. How much more honest it would have been if I had said, "I intend to forgive."
      Forgiving is a process, and I had not yet done the inner work to arrive at a clear and clean forgiveness.
      I was fairly sure I would get there. Everything in my heart wanted to be there, but it wasn't fair of me to state my forgiveness when I didn't feel it yet. Eventually, I arrived at that holy place, but how different it would have been if I had first said "My intention is to forgive fully and completely." An intention holds within it an obligation to do your very best to fulfill it. An intention is not an empty promise. An intention is a direction, a movement forward, an expression of one's heart, an opening to one's essence.
     When has the word "intention" created an opening in your life? I am impressed with one example I read in a friend's blog and invite you to be inspired by her story.   
      Light Blessings to you as you explore your intentions for the new year.  


  1. Nancy, I so appreciate your link to my blog and I am touched by the synchronicity of your reference to forgiveness... something I intend to work on this year, among other things. I also intend to post more regularly, and to encourage partners-in-blogging to do the same. Thanks for setting a good example with three entries in the new year.

  2. Thanks, Julie. Let's keep the dialogue going about issues near and dear to our hearts.


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